M.Wells Was….Swell?

Spaghetti Bolognese sandwich

So when the news broke that M.Wells in Long Island City was closing due to their landlord raising the rent, the entire blogging community decided to eat at M.Wells all at once. Obviously I’m guilty of that. I’ve actually been meaning to go but something else always came up.

Well anyways, I finally made it and I don’t know. I have friends that LOVE M.Wells and I have heard crappy things about M.Wells. After eating there I definitely think that it is overhyped BUT not by much. There were couple things that were okay but then there were couple things that were OH.SO.GOOD.

At 11:15am (we were suppose to meet at 11am, sorry!) I met up with Blondie, Brian H. and Molly Yeh (who should change her name to M.Yeh and have her own line of mustard) at M.Wells. Out of the 4 of us, only Brian has been there before.

We had a difficult time deciding what to eat. I wanted the pickled pork tongue but they were out, they were also out of few things. But finally we picked 5 things to share. So here goes, I’m going to start off with the dishes I wasn’t too thrill for.

Egg souffle with mushroom broth and bonito flakes
This was the one dish that, I think, we all agreed that didn’t worked so well. I wonder if this had came first then maybe I liked it more because being last and being so light it tasted a little bland. Good for the winter though.

Spaghetti Bolognese Sandwich (Picture above)
The first time I read about this sandwich was from my friend Clay. Reading what Clay had to say about this sandwich, I thought I would’ve enjoyed this sandwich but I didn’t. It was good but all I tasted was the tomato sauce. I KNOW it’s spaghetti bolognese but still would’ve liked to taste other things.

Burger with No Fries
When did burgers started to not come with fries?! We got this medium rare and it came perfectly medium rare. This was a pretty good burger and love the extra thick pickles. The buns, oh the buns, how nicely toasted they were and squishy.

Spanish tortilla with Shrimp
Spanish tortilla w/ shrimp
Sometimes if you wish really hard, you might be able to get a Spanish tortilla at M.Wells with DUCKNUTS! Sadly no duck nuts for us but we did get shrimp. This dish was fantastic. Secretly I wanted to eat the whole thing and not share. The shrimp were fresh and I do love a good Spanish tortilla. AND the 2 slices of bread that came with it, WOW just WOW.

Egg Sausage Sandwich
Egg & sausage sandwich
This was good, real good with housemade English muffins? I love that the egg was so thick.

Maybe dinner is another story but I just didn’t see how people are so crazy about this place. The food was definitely good but not crazy good. Maybe we should’ve ordered the bone marrow with escargot and any dish with foie gras?

M.Wells closes at the end of August, you now have few days left to go. Or hope they find a new spot and open again soon.

M.Wells 21-17 49th Avenue, Long Island City


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