Fried Chicken Dinner At The Brooklyn Star

Fried chicken dinner
My all time favorite anime is Saint Seiya. It’s about a group of teenagers protecting and fighting for the Greek goddess, Athena, with their zodiac sign armors. Pegasus saint, Seiya, is my favorite because well he represents the pegasus zodiac sign and pegasus(es?!) are cool.

SO they have these cool moves and everytime they pull these moves out..they YELL out the name of the moves (which I just realized that..that pretty much gives away any surprises to your enemy if your enemy knows what he/she is expecting). They have moves like “Pegasus Meteor Fist”…”Rozan’s Rising Dragon Force”…”Aurora Thunder Attack.” I know I know this is about my chicken dinner at The Brooklyn Star. I think the only proper way to describe the chicken dinner at The Brooklyn Star is by yelling out a chicken dinner move or something. Like….”Fried Chicken Explosion”? or….”Cosmic Fried Chicken Epic Punch?” Whatever you want to call it, the dinner was awesome and everything was cosmicly delicious.

First of all, there was a bit of confusion right before we ordered our chicken dinner. They say it’s $20 per person (which is still a good deal) but it’s actually $20 per order of chicken. If each person orders a chicken dinner then yes it’s $20 per person but for us (I went with 5 other people) we ordered only 5 orders of chicken for 6 people so that came out to $20 x 5 = $100 divided by 6 people which came out to be $16.666666666 per person. We did that because we also ordered 2 orders of their crazy good corn bread with bacon and jalapenos.

Fried chicken dinner

If you order 3 chicken dinners, you only get 3 out of the 5 sides. Go ahead and find a 4th person or plan to eat a lot of chicken and order 5 chicken dinners so that you can get all the sides (mashed potatoes with gravy, mac n cheese with bacon, green beans with bacon, cole slaw, and roasted corn on a cob).

Fried chicken dinner

Fried chicken dinner

As for the big tray of fried chicken, well….I wish I could have a big tray of fried chicken every night. They were juicy, perfectly crunchy and damn satisfying.

Fried chicken dinner

My fried chicken dinner with Hong-An, Cody, Molly, Brian and Steph was totally awesome and I’m already thinking when’s the next time I get to have another fried chicken dinner.

The Brooklyn Star 593 Lorimer St, Brooklyn


2 thoughts on “Fried Chicken Dinner At The Brooklyn Star

  1. I have a reservation for the fried chicken feast at the Breslin but saw this post about Brooklyn Star and am reconsidering. Do you think the Breslin dinner is worth it compared to this meal?

    Thank you!


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