Fried Preserved Eggs And Pork Livers

Fried preserved eggs

I have never liked preserved eggs (century eggs), it’s kind of nasty looking but my family loves it. So I was a little hesitant of trying a spicy deep fried preserved eggs dish at Machi. Machi is located in the city of Arcadia in Los Angeles. Machi sells pitchers of beer so most of the foods on the menu are meant to be eaten while drinking.

Since the preserved eggs were deep fried, I gave it a try and OH WOW they were fantastic. Salty and crunchy with a sort of creamy center. I ate a lot of slices.

Fried pork livers

A dish that I ordered, fried pork livers, most of my friends didn’t want to eat it. But just like how it was for me with the fried preserved eggs, once they had a slice they couldn’t stop eating them. So when nasty foods are deep fried, they instantly turn into something amazing!

We also shared a big pot of soup with clear noodles, lettuce and thin slices of pork belly. It was such a great way to cleanse all the fried foods and the beer.

– Machi 1220 S Baldwin, Arcadia Los Angeles


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