The Deli

Ranch roast beef
As I mentioned in my previous post about Old Town Rancho Cucamonga, that it was great that the city had left some parts of the city untouched. Here’s another reason why, The Deli. Situated next to a generic liquor store, it’s quite hard to miss the sandwich shop. With it’s giant window decoration advertising their Weenie Wednesdays, all their hot dogs for $1 on Wednesdays, who wouldn’t notice that?!

The DeliThe Deli

On my January LA trip, I tried to go to this place but it was closed. That made me more determined this time to go there. The menu mostly consisted of sandwiches with few burger and hot dog options. This is pretty much an old timey sandwich shop and the only thing that has changed over the years are the prices.

So I went on a Wednesday afternoon, waaaay after the lunch crowd left, and ordered a chili dog for a dollar and their famous turkey avocado sandwich for $7.69.

Chili dog

The chili dog was what you expected it to be if it was a dollar. The chili tasted like it came from a can, the dog was pretty good and snappy while the bun did it’s best in holding everything together. For a buck, this was really good and wouldn’t mind eating 10 of those. They also had regular dogs and corn dogs.

Turkey avocado

I read online that their turkey avocado sandwich was the one sandwich to get but they didn’t say nothing about the surprise inside the sandwich. ONION RINGS! Sandwiched between the cold smoked turkey and avocados was a layer of freshly fried, crunchy, and salty onion rings. Now I know why this sandwich was so good.

On my 2nd trip, I went around 11:30am and right at noon a big group of construction guys came and ordered a bunch of sandwiches. This time around I got the roast beef sandwich with ranch dressing for $6.69 (picture above). Yes ranch dressing. Since I like ranch dressing, I thought this was another great sandwich. The amount of dressing was perfect to just give the sandwich extra flavors while not overpowering the beefy taste of the roast beef.

Seriously though, if you ever pass by Rancho Cucamonga (on your way to Vegas, Palm Springs or Joshua Tree) make sure to stop here to grab few sandwiches. With so many fancy pants expensive sandwiches, it’s nice to get good solid old fashion and cheap sandwiches.

The Deli, 9671 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga


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