Fried Pizza at Forcella

My week of eating out as often as possible continued with a trip to Dosa Garden on Staten Island, which you can read about over on Serious Eats. The next day I met up with my friends Jess & Garrett at Forcella in Williamsburg. Why Forcella? When this pizzeria opened up a few months ago the blog-o-sphere lit up with praise for their fried pizza, particularly one called the Montanara. In a city with so many pizza styles it takes a lot to stand out, but Giulio Adriani has managed to do it twice. He opened Olio Pizza e Piu (which I also visited with Jess) and now he has Forcella. For the fried pizzas they fry the round of dough, and then top the dough with sauce and mozzarella and bake it in the pizza oven for a few seconds. The result is delicious — the crust is puffy and airy, reminiscent of fairground fried treats without being greasy. In fact, this is the perfect pizza crust for people who don’t eat their pizza crusts. Me, I love the crust of pizza, and I like the crust chewy and charred. Although the Montanara was good, I found myself questioning whether this was actually pizza. Wasn’t it basically fry-bread with pizza toppings on it? Later that night, lying in bed and recalling how good the Montanara was, I decided it didn’t really matter.
485 Lorimer St


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