Prime Meats For Lunch

Prime Meats

When my younger sister said she was visiting, I knew exactly where to take her for a weekday lunch. Though yes it was more about me wanting to go to Prime Meats than actually trying to find a restaurant she may actually like. Luckily she’s a meat eater like I am, I was pretty sure she’ll find something good on the menu. And I think I pretty much guessed what sort of restaurant she prefers.

Anyways, ever since I got laid off in December 2010, I had a plan to try the restaurants in my neighborhood that are always busy during dinner and brunch hours. Sadly I still haven’t started that plan yet, hopefully this trip to Prime Meats will trigger it.

My sister ended up getting the steak (rare) and eggs plus a side of avocado while I got wild mushrooms with a poached egg and Hofbrau House bratwurst plus a side of thick cut bacon (oohh yeah!). After taking a bite of the mushroom, I was surprised by my dish and Prime Meats overall.

I was surprised by how delicate everything tasted. I was thinking AARRGHHH PRIME MEATS!! PRIME MEATS BOLD FLAVORS..ME LIKE. Instead I was served a very light dish with subtle flavors that were just right for a Tuesday lunch. The perfectly poached egg, after breaking it, made the mushroom smooth and awesomely delicious. The bratwurst, same with everything else, was delicious and perfectly porky.
Prime Meats

If you do go to Prime Meats, make sure to order their salty and tasty thick cut bacon because who doesn’t love bacon? Just stare into those strips of bacon, you know you want some right now!
Prime Meats

Prime Meats 465 Court St, Brooklyn


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