The Cannibal

The Cannibal

I have been wanting to try Resto’s whole animal dinner but it’s a bit difficult to find enough people willing to do that with you. So far the only time I’ve had food from Resto is when they set up shop at Mad Sq Eats and I usually end up getting their pig face Cubano.

Then I found out that they were opening a beer and meat shop, next door, called The Cannibal, I knew I wanted to go. But I didn’t reeeeeeeaally get to go until my sister came to NYC for work.

The Cannibal

My younger sister is a pretty adventurous eater like me but even she didn’t dare to try the slow roasted half pig head (WHO WILL EAT THAT WITH ME?) So, instead, we shared few small plates. We started off with a plate of oh-so-fatty-and-delicious Prosciutto La Quercia.

The Cannibal
“Pastrami on Rye” Smoked Cow Tongue with Rightous Rye Beer Mustard and Orwashers Rye. The tongue was sliced thin and went quite well with the mustard.

The Cannibal
This was the best dish of that night. Lamb tartare. Surprisingly not lamby at all and tasted super fresh. Owner, Christian Pappanicholas, told us that soon there will be goat tartare as well. He said that goat meat is actually sweeter than lamb.

The Cannibal
The Porchetta Spiced Pork Rinds were good and crunchy but I was hoping they served it hot instead of room temperature.

The Cannibal is a wonderful place to hit up after work and its easy to just linger there with tasty snacks and drinks. It’s great in the backyard when it’s nice and cool out. But it’s also nice and cozy in the inside.

The Cannibal
113 East 29th St, New York


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