Month: November 2011

Rigatoni With Kale And Sausage

Kale & sausage w/ rigatoni

I love kale. Kale is cool. You can eat kale in a sandwich or eat kale raw or eat kale in a big pot of pork belly stew.

After the pork belly stew, I still had a bit of kale left so I decided to eat it with pasta. The day before I bought some chicken and apple sausages so I added that into the pasta as well. This is super simple to make. Cook whatever pasta you like and with about 7mins left of cooking the pasta, start frying the sausages (I sliced mine so they cook faster). Once they’re about done, add in the kale. Season the mixture when the kale is cooked. Add a little bit of pasta water if it’s too dry. Throw in the pasta, mix and add a dollop or 2 of creme fraiche (you know me and creme fraiche).



Last month, Howard had made the trek out to south Williamsburg to finally dine at Diner. We have both said many times that one of these days we’ll eat there but as with many restaurants we never do.

Inspired by Howard’s lunch I finally made it out for a quick lunch. Unlike Howard’s experience, I did not almost scraped by head against the ceiling nor did I get any hipstery vibe. I could see myself eating here at the counter everyday if I live near it. It was cozy, cool and just had a chill atmosphere. Though the lunch special menu did come on a piece of pink reciept-like paper. Like magic, I quickly honed in on the words “buttermilk fried chicken” and ordered that without looking at the rest of the menu.

I was a little disappointed when a big plate of veggie was placed in front of me. Instead of big pieces of juicy fried chicken with a side of salad, it was a big salad with a side of fried chicken. Even though it wasn’t what I expected, it was very delicious. The salad (kales, other greens and slices of radishes) had a blue cheese dressing, served with a pickled egg and 5 pieces of perfectly fried fried chicken that were super tender and juicy. Next time I’ll be sure to read the menu carefully. Heh

Diner 85 Broadway, Williamsburg

One Girl Cookies And Steve’s Ice Cream

Coffee cake & ice cream

You probably know by now that we’re big fans of Steve’s Ice Cream. I think between the 2 of us, we probably tasted most of their flavors (I ate a whole pint of their bourbon vanilla last night). But did you also know that I’m big fans of One Girl Cookies in Boerum Hill? Though many reviews and people focus on their delicious whoopie pies and cookies, they shouldn’t ignore their equally good cakes. So far I have had their lemon olive oil cake, angel food cake with pistachio and passion fruit, vanilla cake and most recently a coffee cake. Luckily for me I had a pint of Steve’s salty caramel ice cream in the freezer and scooped 2 scoops of ice cream onto the plate. The combination of coffee and vanilla and salty caramel was delicious! Though seriously you can’t go wrong with ice cream and cakes.

One Girl Cookies 68 Dean St, Brooklyn

The Desi Truck

Since I live and work in Brooklyn, I don’t find myself in Manhattan all that often. Recently I went visit my friend who works at Marvel Comics, and since I got there super early (as I usually do) I decided to scope out the area. To my surprise there were several food trucks lined up on W 50th St — I had heard so much about the NYPD moving food trucks out of Midtown that I didn’t expect to see so many in one place. Since Midtown Lunch is usually Donny’s beat I didn’t know which to choose, until I saw the Desi Truck. Being a vegetarian and a fan of Indian food, I ordered the $8 Desi Veggie lunch special. It came with a kati roll filled with spicy potatoes, a salad on top of rice, chickpeas, and lentils, and a bottle of water. The roll was pretty good — warm and filling, full of spices. Better still was the veggie plate, despite the wan pieces of lettuce. The brown rice was a surprisingly flavorful base for all of the savory veggies. $8 seemed a little steep at first, but it was a really filling and delicious meal.

Desi Truck

City Grit

City Grit

It felt like it was meant to be, for me to meet Sarah Simmons the “Home Cook Superstar Winner.” Well not just because I like to eat or that Sarah runs the fantastic City Grit, a Culinary Salon, but because we just have too many mutual friends. She’s friends with a lot of grad school friends I know and an old coworker.

Though it wasn’t until last week, when I finally went to my first ever City Grit dinner. That night the theme was dim sum where Sarah came up with 7 dishes that combined Asian flavors and techniques with her Southern roots. All I can say about that dinner was, everything tasted fantastic and really inspired to play with my food more. The only sort of combining of foods that I ever did was my miso cream pasta, which I’m still surprised it came out pretty damn good.

Check out what I ate after the jump

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Lobster Joint

Lobster Joint

I love fish and chips and yes I have been to both Chip Shops in Brooklyn. Fish and chips is something that I get whenever I see it on a menu, though of course depending on where I am. I’m not going to order fish and chips at a burger joint but I will order fish and chips at an Irish Pub. Anyways, so last week I found myself having lunch with a friend at Lobster Joint, conveniently close to Eastern District in Greenpoint. So how was the food? Here’s what my friend had to say about her lobster roll.

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Upscale Thai at Kin Shop

A few weeks ago I was making plans for a late dinner with my friends Jeff & Eva, and they asked em the dreaded question: where did I want to meet? I say “dreaded” because sometimes, as a food blogger, that question makes me freeze up. I can rattle off recommendations of places that I’ve enjoyed, but I often rely on suggestions from others when looking for new places (hint, hint). Then it occurred to me, I’ve been meaning to try Kin Shop. Opened by Top Chef Season One’s winner Harold Dieterle, who also opened Perilla. Despite the fact that he’s a white guy opening up an expensive, upscale Thai restaurant, the reactions to Kin Shop seemed overwhelmingly positive.

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