Rucola & Brucie: Italian in Cobble Hill

I know, it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve even gotten complaints from regular readers about it, and rightly so. If you remember, in September I had a week off of work and I used the time to visit all of the restaurants I’ve been meaning to go to. Two of those restaurants were Rucola and Brucie, both in Cobble Hill. I had originally planned to do them on separate days, but plans changed and I ended up eating at both on the same day. First up was Rucola, for lunch. I started with the appetizer pizza of the day, which was a marghertia. Now when I hear margherita, I think crust, sauce, mozzarella, and a garnish of olive oil and fresh basil. This was clearly no margherita — no mozz, instead it was sprinkled with what I think was pecorino, and topped with olives. Despite the misnomer the pizza was actually quite good, nicely salty and fresh tasting.

Also delicious was my zucchini sandwich. Here was melted mozzarella, and also a rich pesto to give some flavor to the relatively bland zucchini. The bread was warm and crusty, and everything was really well balanced. I’d love to go back for dinner.

I ended up meeting with Donny and we went for a drink at 61 Local, trying to decide what to do for dinner that night. We settled on Brucie, which Donny has been to before, and invited our friend Steph (who is also a fan of Brucie).

After arriving at Brucie they lowered the lights, so my photos did not come out very well. The food was excellent though, so I still feel compelled to write about it. We started with an appetizer of fried tomatoes (not green tomatoes) topped with fresh ricotta. It was wonderful — hot and cold, crispy breading with the smooth ricotta, and flavors ranging from salty to acidic to sweet.

I was looking forward to the pasta that Donny had described, and that’s what I ordered. Fresh tagliatelle is paired with charred Brussels sprouts, fresh burrata, and tomato butter. It was hard to get bits of all of it into one bite, but when I did… oh man, it was good. It was also hard to eat this slowly. The tomato butter is so rich and flavorful that I would bathe in it. Don’t repeat that.

The BoCoCa area is brimming with new restaurants, and it’s hard to know which ones are good. I’m happy to say that Rucola and Brucie are both worth a visit. And sorry about the intermittent posting, I’ll try to do better.

Rucola — 190 Dean St, Brooklyn
Brucie — 234 Court St


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