Eggs in Brooklyn: Diner & The Roebling Tea Room

So because I ended up eating at Rucola & Brucie on the same day, I was unsure of where to eat on Friday. I got lots of suggestions, but none of them felt quite right. That morning I hit upon the idea of Williamsburg’s Diner, a restaurant I had meant to go to a while back but had kind of forgotten about. Diner is located in a re-purposed dining car; the ceiling is so low my head almost scraped it; and they were blasting Neil Young when I walked in. I took a seat at the bar and was given the day’s menu, hand written on a thin roll of paper. I immediately thought that I wasn’t hipster enough for the place, but ordered the pimento cheese omelette (usually served with ham but I got without).

One bite into my omelette and I instantly forgave any faux-hipster vibe. The omelette was beautifully cooked, and the pimento cheese was both salty and spicy. Even the salad was good. I ate the omelette pretty quickly, and (after paying) I went around the corner to the little shop Marlow & Daughters, owned by the same people as Diner. Although they are best known for their butchering, obviously that was out for me. I picked up a baguette and a pint of their homemade pink peppercorn ice cream for consumption later.

Walking back to the G train I came down Metropolitan and at the intersection of Roebling St I realized there was yet another Williamsburg restaurant I’ve been meaning to try, Roebling Tea Room. I had just eaten, but I wasn’t completely full. Did I dare..? I did. Second lunch.

Once again I ordered eggs, but in a completely different style. Here the fried eggs were sitting on a bed of hominy, kale, roasted tomatoes, and kabocha squash. It was a masterful symphony of flavors and textures. The kabocha squash was roasted until soft and sweet with the skin still on for a bit of chew; the tomatoes were sweet and sour; the kale slightly bitter and chewy; the eggs nicely runny and salty (notice the sprinkle of salt on each vibrant yellow yolk); and the hominy soaked everything up as the starch of the dish. I was amazed. Oh, and on my way out I spotted comedian Reggie Watts.

Now before you go thinking that I’m a total pig, I ended up not eating dinner that night. I did, however, dip into the pink peppercorn ice cream, which was great. Floral and only slightly spiced, it really was elevated by the sprinkle of salt in it.

I thought that would be the end of my restaurant week, but I was wrong…

Diner — 85 Broadway, Brooklyn
Roebling Tea Room — 143 Roebling St, Brooklyn


2 thoughts on “Eggs in Brooklyn: Diner & The Roebling Tea Room

  1. I am wildly curious — how did you keep your peppercorn ice cream from melting all the way through a second meal? Were you actually able to persuade the Roebling people (who are not always the most forthcoming bunch) to freeze it for you while you ate?


    1. @Belinda — ha, it didn’t even occur to me to ask them to freeze it. it was pretty solid when i bought it, though by the time i got home it was a little soft. a few hours back in the freezer fixed that right up.


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