Bunuelos From La Newyorkina


If you were wondering what’s going to happen to La Newyorkina, makers of delicious paletas, once the weather gets cold? Well wonder no more! Just few days ago they debut their new stand selling Mexican sweets on The Highline. You can read a quick interview with chef Fany Gerson here about the sweets.

I made a quick stop on my way to the East Village to check out the stand. There were too many sweet stuff to choose from, I plan to try them all, but I ended up get a plate of bunuelos for $3. Bunuelo is basically a flat piece of dough, fried then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. It was so good and crunchy and cinnamonly. I bet it goes awesome with a cup of their hot chocolate.

La Newyorkina on The Highline (right above 15th St)


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