Fall Pies From Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Maple buttermilk custard

Autumn/fall has been my favorite season ever since I moved to NYC. Used to be winter but LA winter isn’t the same as NYC winter and it’s just too damn cold here. With fall, besides the cooler weather and pretty trees, you get flavors like pumpkin and maple.

The maple buttermilk custard pie (picture above) from Four & Twenty Blackbirds may just be my new favorite pie. I prefer custardy pies because I just like the creaminess of it. The pie was sweet and tangy. May I get two dollops of whipped cream please? It just fantastic, a bite of pie with a little bit of cream.

Brown butter pumpkin
Another pie that I like a lot is the brown butter pumpkin. I’ve started to lie the flavor of pumpkin more and more now and I used to not care for pumpkin pies. This slice would’ve been great with a good cup of joe. Yeah!

Four & Twenty Blackbirds 439 3rd Ave, Brooklyn


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