Kiwiana: A Top Chef Comes to Park Slope

Can you spot the Top Chef in this photo?

So after eating at six restaurants in five days, I thought I had finished my own personal restaurant week. The next day I was hanging out with friends and we decided we were going out to dinner, and somehow we decided on Kiwiana. Kiwiana had just opened days before, by Top Chef alumnus Mark Simmons, who wanted to bring a taste of New Zealand to Park Slope. Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy my meal, though my friends enjoyed their meat-centric dishes very much. After we ate our server asked if we wanted to meet Mark, and of course we said we did. He came over and was very gracious, and then invited Donny and me back to see the kitchen. Given that they had just opened, I’m willing to give Kiwiana another shot. As it stands now, it was the only dud out of the seven restaurants I visited in six days.

Kiwiana — 847 Union St


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