City Grit

City Grit

It felt like it was meant to be, for me to meet Sarah Simmons the “Home Cook Superstar Winner.” Well not just because I like to eat or that Sarah runs the fantastic City Grit, a Culinary Salon, but because we just have too many mutual friends. She’s friends with a lot of grad school friends I know and an old coworker.

Though it wasn’t until last week, when I finally went to my first ever City Grit dinner. That night the theme was dim sum where Sarah came up with 7 dishes that combined Asian flavors and techniques with her Southern roots. All I can say about that dinner was, everything tasted fantastic and really inspired to play with my food more. The only sort of combining of foods that I ever did was my miso cream pasta, which I’m still surprised it came out pretty damn good.

Check out what I ate after the jump

Collard green kimchi & oyster over fried wonton skin
Wonton tostada with fried oyster, spicy mayo, and collard kimchi

Creamed collard dumplings w/ pepper vinegar sauce
Creamed collard dumplings with pepper vinegar sauce

Wild mushroom salad + spring rolls w/ spicy chili dressing
Wild mushroom salad and spring rolls with spicy chili dressing

Spicy rice cakes w/ sausage & bok choy
Spicy rice cakes with sausage and bok choy topped with scallions and fried shallots

Hoisin pork and black rice grits w/ nori butter & Sichuan green beans
Hoisin pork and black rice grits with nori butter and Sichuan green beans

Green tea parfait w/ matcha yogurt
Green tea parfait with matcha yogurt, honey cream, lemon posset, and ginger syrup

After having the dinner, I can see why she was crown the “Home Cook Superstar” winner. I’m still dreaming about the spicy rice cake with sausage and bok choy dish. What a great way to use rice cakes and I had never thought of using it instead of pasta. I am definitely thinking about my next trip to City Grit.


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