The Desi Truck

Since I live and work in Brooklyn, I don’t find myself in Manhattan all that often. Recently I went visit my friend who works at Marvel Comics, and since I got there super early (as I usually do) I decided to scope out the area. To my surprise there were several food trucks lined up on W 50th St — I had heard so much about the NYPD moving food trucks out of Midtown that I didn’t expect to see so many in one place. Since Midtown Lunch is usually Donny’s beat I didn’t know which to choose, until I saw the Desi Truck. Being a vegetarian and a fan of Indian food, I ordered the $8 Desi Veggie lunch special. It came with a kati roll filled with spicy potatoes, a salad on top of rice, chickpeas, and lentils, and a bottle of water. The roll was pretty good — warm and filling, full of spices. Better still was the veggie plate, despite the wan pieces of lettuce. The brown rice was a surprisingly flavorful base for all of the savory veggies. $8 seemed a little steep at first, but it was a really filling and delicious meal.

Desi Truck


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