One Girl Cookies And Steve’s Ice Cream

Coffee cake & ice cream

You probably know by now that we’re big fans of Steve’s Ice Cream. I think between the 2 of us, we probably tasted most of their flavors (I ate a whole pint of their bourbon vanilla last night). But did you also know that I’m big fans of One Girl Cookies in Boerum Hill? Though many reviews and people focus on their delicious whoopie pies and cookies, they shouldn’t ignore their equally good cakes. So far I have had their lemon olive oil cake, angel food cake with pistachio and passion fruit, vanilla cake and most recently a coffee cake. Luckily for me I had a pint of Steve’s salty caramel ice cream in the freezer and scooped 2 scoops of ice cream onto the plate. The combination of coffee and vanilla and salty caramel was delicious! Though seriously you can’t go wrong with ice cream and cakes.

One Girl Cookies 68 Dean St, Brooklyn


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