Last month, Howard had made the trek out to south Williamsburg to finally dine at Diner. We have both said many times that one of these days we’ll eat there but as with many restaurants we never do.

Inspired by Howard’s lunch I finally made it out for a quick lunch. Unlike Howard’s experience, I did not almost scraped by head against the ceiling nor did I get any hipstery vibe. I could see myself eating here at the counter everyday if I live near it. It was cozy, cool and just had a chill atmosphere. Though the lunch special menu did come on a piece of pink reciept-like paper. Like magic, I quickly honed in on the words “buttermilk fried chicken” and ordered that without looking at the rest of the menu.

I was a little disappointed when a big plate of veggie was placed in front of me. Instead of big pieces of juicy fried chicken with a side of salad, it was a big salad with a side of fried chicken. Even though it wasn’t what I expected, it was very delicious. The salad (kales, other greens and slices of radishes) had a blue cheese dressing, served with a pickled egg and 5 pieces of perfectly fried fried chicken that were super tender and juicy. Next time I’ll be sure to read the menu carefully. Heh

Diner 85 Broadway, Williamsburg


3 thoughts on “Diner

  1. Fooled into healthy eating! The horror. πŸ˜›

    The burger at Diner is my favorite burger in the city. Not sure if it’s served at lunch, but it’s certainly worth a trip for dinner. Grass-fed beef, toasted brioche bun, big portion, reasonably priced.


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