Eggnog And Pork Butt

3lb pork butt

Eggnog is a funny thing. When I first heard what actually makes up eggnog, I wasn’t too thrilled about it. Then few years ago someone gave me a homemade/fresh bottle of eggnog. It was my first time drinking eggnog and thought it wasn’t too bad. Another funny thing about eggnog is that, no one really thinks about it till around Christmas time. I know it’s a Christmasy drink but who says we can’t drink eggnog in March?

Anyways, while thinking about eggnog the other day, I came up with this crazy idea to cook with it. Majority of the recipes I found were all for sweet things but couldn’t find any savory recipes. Then the idea of cooking pork in milk came to my mind and decided to substitute milk for eggnog. I got a lot of people saying that’s just gross or it wouldn’t work. Obviously that made me more determined to try it.

So here it is people, pork butt cooked in eggnog.

3lb pork butt
2 bottles of Ronnybrook eggnog (1 bottle is 12oz and..I had no idea how much I needed so I bought 5 bottles. Now I have so much leftover eggnog, I’m looking for an eggnog cake recipe)
1 onion diced (medium size)
Pack of mushroom diced (I used mini portobello mushroom)
Bag of frozen pearl onions
Oil, salt and pepper

Preheat the oven (350degrees) and get an oven/stove top safe pot heated up over on high flames. I used a 6qt Dutch oven which a 3lb pork butt fit nicely. While the pot is getting hot, season the butt generously with salt and pepper. Add oil to the pot and brown each side of the pork, fat side down first (about 3mins per side).

Take the pork out, place on a plate, then add the diced onions to the Dutch oven. Cook it a little bit in the pork fat, about 2mins, then deglaze the oven with a splash of water or wine or whatever (I used water because that’s all I had).

Add the pork butt back into the Dutch oven and pour in enough eggnog to go up half way of the pork butt. Bring to a boil. Cover the Dutch oven and stick it into the preheated oven.

After an hour, flip the pork butt over, cover it back up and put it back into the oven. The sauce should be brown by now with a little bit of curds forming.

3lb pork butt

After another hour, flip the pork butt over once more (fat side up again), leave the lid off and put it back into the oven for another hour or when the meat is tender. Total time for me was 3hrs.

Mushroom eggnog sauce

When there’s about 5mins left of the pork cooking in the oven, start cooking the mushroom in a hot pan with oil. My pan only had enough room for half of the pack of mushroom. When the pork butt is done, take it out of the Dutch oven and onto a plate. Pour the liquid and curds through a sieve and into another pot. Then add the liquid into the pan with the mushroom, enough to cover the mushroom. Bring the liquid to a boil and add a handful of pearl onions. Let the onion and mushroom mixture simmer over medium heat. Add more liquid to the pan if it begins to dry out a bit. You want to end up with a nice bit of sauce to spoon over the pork butt. When the mushroom sauce is done (basically when the frozen pearl onions aren’t frozen anymore) add a splash of eggnog to thicken the sauce up a little, turn heat off. I didn’t season the mushroom since the sauce from the pork butt was quite flavorful.

Eggnog and pork butt

To serve, slice the pork butt up and place onto a big platter and pour over the sauce. I served it with a side of twice cooked potatoes (boiled then roasted with salt, pepper, oil and thyme).

Ah..HELLO, this was freakin delicious. After all the cooking, you’re left with a little bit of sweetness and a subtle taste of the rum from the eggnog. Next time I’m going try soaking the pork butt in the eggnog overnight.


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