Forcella, Peels, and the New Museum

My sister was in town recently, and she wanted to check out the Carsten Holler exhibit at the New Museum. It occurred to me that the new Forcella on Bowery was only a few blocks away from the new museum, so we had lunch there before hitting up the museum. Since it was my sister’s first visit, she got the montanara (Forcella’s justifiably popular fried pizza), but I wanted something different. I settled on the fuorigrotta — a baked pie topped with mozzarella, fresh arugula, thin slices of lemon, and a dusting of pecorino cheese. I’ve eaten similar pies at other pizzerias, and I think that Forcella has the best one. The lemons are sliced so thin that they almost melt in your mouth while lending the perfect amount of acidity to the dish. After lunch we popped across the street to Peels for some monkey bread, which Donny had recommended to me. We forced our way through the crowds waiting for a brunch table and ordered a slice to go. It’s probably better when it’s warm, but it was still pretty good; the mascarpone frosting was remarkably rich and savory. We didn’t really enjoy the Carsten Holler Experience — it was fun riding down the slide but everything else was just kind of… meh. The best part of the New Museum was the view from the seventh floor’s Sky Room, looking out over the rooftops of the Lower East Side.

Forcella (Bowery) — 334 Bowery
Peels — 325 Bowery


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