Mary Queen Of Scots

Roasted pork belly
*This meal was eaten last year.

Howard: When Donny invited me to dinner at Mary Queen of Scots with our friends Mo and Etta, he mentioned that there was not a lot of vegetarian food on the menu. I was intrigued by what vegetarian food I did see, however, so I agreed to go. The two vegetarian options I wanted were both salads, though one was listed as an appetizer and the other a main, so I was able to order both. I also ordered a side of “Fried Boozy Brussels Sprouts” for the table.

I started with a Roasted Fall Vegetable Salad, sitting on a puree of white bean puree. This was a surprisingly flavorful mix of beets, Brussels sprouts, grilled leeks, and some greens. The bean puree at the bottom was slightly spicy, adding even more flavor and texture to an already delicious plate.

Fried boozy Brussels Sprouts

Then the Brussels sprouts came out. This was one of the best dishes I’ve eaten all year. The Brussels sprouts were fried until golden brown and crispy, then tossed with a spicy whole grain mustard (and some parsley for freshness). It’s hard for me to describe just why this dish was so good; maybe because it was just a few simple ingredients done extremely well.

My entree was a salad of grilled trumpet royale mushrooms, and it was also great. Trumpet royale mushrooms are dense and savory and hold up well on the grill, and in this dish they made a nice foil for the fresh greens and the crunch of sunflower seeds. Maybe the truffle vinaigrette is the secret to why this salad is so good.

Mary Queen of Scots features Scottish and British food, cuisines not typically known for their vegetarian foods. I don’t know if any of the food I ate that night actually qualifies as British, but it was all excellent. What else could you want?

Donny: HA I was surprised Howard said okay to dinner at this place. I’ve been wanting to go to Mary Queen of Scots ever since it opened way back but it took a soon-to-expired Blackboard Eats coupon to get me there.

I started off my meal with the Roast Pork Belly appetizer (top photo) which had grilled onion puree, romanesco and pickled red onions. This was pretty good. Crispy skin, tender meat and not too fatty. The flavor sort of reminded me of eating Chinese roast pork.

Fish & Chips

And then OF COURSE I got the Fish & Chips…actually everybody except for Howard got Fish & Chips. 3 fish & chips please. And it should’ve been Fish, Prawn & Chips since the prawn was as large as the piece of fried fish. AND it was a fried whole prawn with head and all. Amazingly for $20 this was a lot of food. I barely finished my plate and had some mushy peas, which was damn good with a good amount of minty taste, left on the plate. Both the prawn and fish were fried perfectly, not oily at all. It was a damn good dinner.

Banoffee Pudding

Though I think we all agreed that they could’ve done better with the dessert. The Banoffee Pudding was good but it could’ve been better. Also the plate was pretty big for so little dessert.

Mary Queen of Scots, 115 Allen St. at Delancey, Manhattan


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