Lentils, Beans And Pork Cracklings

Lentils, beans and crackling

You know what’s really nice? Cracklings…yeah. Crispy pork skin. After roasting the 4lb pork shoulder, I saved the skin for later use. Thinking that it be great on other stuff like on beans. That’s what I did. In a pot of boiling water, I cooked some lentils. Right before the lentils were done, I got a pan hot and threw in the diced pork skin. While the pieces of skin were getting crispy on the pan, I poured out all the lentils water and added canned white beans with the lentils. Cooked till the beans were heated up, seasoned it and shaved a whole lotta parmesan cheese. Stirred to mix.

Serve it as a side or do what I did. Toasted a slice of Texas bread, spooned some lentils and beans mixture and sprinkled some cracklings over. Hm…. Next time I think a squirt of lemon juice might make it tastier.

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