Tears in Eyes at Legend

A few weeks ago I read about SE:NY’s trip to Legend, a new restaurant in Chelsea. According to SE, Legend was serving pretty good and authentic Sichuan food. I was particular taken with their photo of “Tears in Eyes”, and knew I wanted to try it for myself. When the dish arrived at my table the contents of the bowl were quivering. “Tears in Eyes” is comprised of thick, soft, square-cut rice noodles doused in a spicy sauce. There are dried, fresh, and pickled chiles, chile oil, Sichuan peppercorns, along with a few crumbles of toasted peanuts and some scallions. It was difficult to eat, because the noodles kept breaking up, but it was worth the effort. The dish was delicious, and very spicy. But tears in eyes? Actually, toward the bottom of the bowl I did start to tear up just a little. So yes, “Tears in Eyes” did live up to its name.

Legend — 88 7th Ave


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