Doughnut Plant, Chelsea

It’s been over three years since my first and only trip to the Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side, and since that time I’ve discovered what is probably my favorite doughnut in the city at Dough. Wandering around Chelsea the other day I found myself in front of the Doughnut Plant’s newest location on West 23rd St, and decided it was time to give them another chance. I ordered yeast doughnuts instead of cake, to further level the playing field against Dough. I went with the peanut butter doughnut filled with blackberry jam (on the left) and a Meyer lemon glazed (on the right). The PB&J was very good; the doughnut crunchy and peanut buttery, the jam fresh tasting and sweet. The lemon was a good, straightforward yeast doughnut with a slight acidity to it. If I said that the doughnuts were not quite as tender as those at Dough I would be nitpicking, but that’s okay, I love to nitpick.

Doughnut Plant, Chelsea — 220 West 23rd St


4 thoughts on “Doughnut Plant, Chelsea

  1. I’ve only visited the long line at the LES location. Do you intend to try the matcha doughnut? Heard the flavor is quite intense. Perhaps you enjoy yeasty over cake doughnuts then? 🙂

    Happy Lunar New Year!


    1. @kim – happy new year to you. i didn’t see a matcha doughnut on the menu, i’d love to try it. yes, after much “research” i have determined that i prefer yeast doughnuts over cake.


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