Cheeseburger At Roberta’s Kicked Ass


Long long time ago, I went to Red Lobster and got lobster. Why? Well this was back in LA and LA back in the 90s were filled with chain restaurants. But anyways, my rule for eating at these restaurants were that if they specialized in seafood, you better damn well get seafood (heck the word lobster is in the name so you go there for lobster.)

Nowadays I still sort of go by that rule but after going to Roberta’s so many times, I need to rethink that rule. Roberta’s is known for their delicious pizza but they do everything else……delicious too. Last time I was there for a big gathering, I got their pork chop. Yes pork chop. Cooked to perfection and so soooooo good. So then when Serious Eats reviewed their cheeseburger, it was no surprised that it would be a tasty burger.

My most recent trip to Roberta’s was on Chinese New Year. I was the guest on Cathy Erway’s show “Let’s Eat In” on Heritage Radio (hear my sexy voice here!) And I can’t leave Roberta’s without having a meal there right? I was joined by Blondie and she got a pizza.


I could go into detail about how wonderful the burger was but well… 1) I’m just not good at describing things 2) I don’t really need to. You just need to know that this cheeseburger was damn good. I asked for medium rare and it was perfectly medium rare. The plate came with mustard, ketchup and mayo and roasted potatoes.

I’m glad that they’re getting a bunch of great reviews but I’m also sad that it’s always crowded now! Even for a Monday 2pm!

*side note
When did restaurants stopped serving burgers and only served cheeseburgers? Black Market on Ave A and 7th St only has cheeseburgers also. They do a pretty mean burger too.

Roberta’s Pizza, 261 Moore St, Brooklyn


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