Steak Frites At Steak Frites

Steak frites

Long time ago (2010) my friends and I started a steak frites club where we go to restaurants and eat…..steak frites. The last time we did this (and also our first time) was at Moutarde in Park Slope. Well yes it took us till 2012 to have our 2nd meating (definitely my fault) and thanks to Corrine for scoring a table at Steak Frites during Restaurant Week.

Few months ago a friend had suggested getting dinner at Steak Frites but when I told her about reading mixed reviews we ended up going somewhere else. So I found myself having not too high expectations when I agreed to have dinner there for our steak frites club. But if you’re going to have a steak frites club, eventually you’ll have to go to Steak Frites.


I thought I wanted the French onion soup but then I decided to go with the mussels with white wine instead. I think I made a good choice. The plate came with a big pile of mussels and they were totally awesome. Though I wish there was more bread than just the one slice on top of the mussels. Eat more mussels people!

Steak frites

Annnnnnnnnnd we’re on! Steak frites, medium rare…perfectly medium rare served with a fantastic au poivre sauce. It was seasoned perfectly with a nice outer crust. Slice a piece, dip in peppery sauce, eat, repeat. That piece of steak didn’t look like much but I was well full by the end.

Apple tart

Then I finished the night with an apple tart and a scoop of caramel ice cream. It was no medium rare steak but it was still good. Crispy pastry filled with just cooked right apples. The scoop of caramel ice cream could’ve been more caramel-y, just a little. Yes I ate the thyme also.

Steak Frites, 9 E. 16th St NYC (map)


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