Great Lengua Taco At Guelaguetza


I was looking for places to grab dinner before seeing my friend, Molly, in her 1st off Broadway show “The Broken Heart” at The Duke on 42nd St. While going through the Serious Eats site I found Guelaguetza, a tiny Mexican grocery store with a kitchen in the back. Sounded like my kind of place and so I met up with my friend there.

I got an al pastor and a lengua taco, both for $2.75. The al pastor taco was pretty good, a little sweet with a hint of fruit. Oh but the lengua taco…yum yum yum. I have always been critical about the size of the lengua chunks when I get them in taco form. Usually they’re too tiny to really enjoy them but Guelaguetza’s version were just the perfect size.

Guelaguetza, 526 West 47th St between 10+11th Ave


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