Mussel Omelette

Mussel Omelette

So I made mussels with a green curry broth the other night but I couldn’t eat a whole 2lbs of mussels by myself. What to do with leftover mussels? Have you ever had an oyster omelette? I decided to make a mussel omelette. I whisked 2 eggs and added some of the green curry broth for extra flavors. Seasoned the eggs mixture. In a hot pan add oil and add the mussels. Cooked them for a minute and poured in the eggs. I flipped it, or tried to, once the bottom was set. Once I flipped it, I turned off the heat. I didn’t want to over cook the thing. I ate it over rice with a nice squirt of sriracha.

Also I added some frozen peas just for the heck of it.


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