Our 2012 Eat More in Queens mission started with a group dinner with my friends at SriPraPhai. It seemed like I was the last in the whole wide world to eat at SriPraPhai and I’m glad I did even if that meant riding the 7 train during rush hour.

There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be trekking out more to Queens, heck I (with Howard) even took a road trip up to New Haven for a day just to eat pizza (well Mo drove). The dinner was great and I’m looking forward to my next meal there. Though funny thing, I wanted to order a Pad Thai but no one would let me! It’s THE dish that I use to help me rate a Thai restaurant. Okay fine in the case of Joya, their Pad Thai is alright but their chicken green curry is where it’s at.

Check out what we ate after the jump

Crispy Chinese watercress salad with shrimp, squid and chicken
So this is it. The crispy Chinese watercress salad that was one of Time Out New York’s 100 Best Dishes in 2010. Loved the crispy watercress and spoon some of that sauce from the shrimp, squid and chicken…delicious!

Fried soft shell crab topped with chili, garlic and basil leaves
Ohhh this was good…really good. I’m used to eating fried soft shell crab at Japanese restaurants with tonkatsu sauce and Kewpie mayo so it was refreshing to have it spicy and garlicky.

Chicken curry puff

Chicken green curry and drunken noodles
These two dishes maybe the spiciest of the night. I’m pretty weak when it comes to spicy foods. I guess most of the Thai restaurants I go to, tone down the level of spiciness a bit. I LOVE the chicken green curry from Joya but then again it’s not very spicy so to eat SriPraPhai’s version…ooohhhhhhh fire breath! The drunken noodles were pretty damn spicy also…but quite good.

Sauté Chinese broccoli with crispy pork
This was the dish that my boss told me to get. She’s been to SriPhraPhai many times and told me this is one dish that she gets every time. This dish was good, who doesn’t like crispy pork? Though few pieces of pork were a little dry and tough to chew.

Overall SriPraPhai did not disappoint but I do intend to go back and get the Pad Thai plus their other thousands of items on the menu. New mission, try every item on the menu?

Many people have said that this is the best Thai restaurant but for me, yes it was delicious but when it comes to Thai food I’m quite boring. I rarely eat other things besides Pad Thai, chicken green curry, spring rolls, and Pad See Ew. So I didn’t really have anything to base my meal at SriPraPhai on.

SriPraPhai, 6413 39th Avenue Woodside, NY


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