Oh dude, couple weeks ago I had an amazing meal at Whitehall in the West Village. Last month I was lucky enough to have spent few hours in the kitchen taking some photos. Everything that went out of the kitchen looked and smell soooo good. So unlike many restaurants where I say I would eventually go but rarely do, I made sure I would visit Whitehall within the month.

Check out what my friends and I ate after the jump.

Oysters Kilpatrick with smoked bacon and worcestershire dressing

Smokey…crispy bacon over oysters?! Heck yeah!

Smoked salmon with fish roe, beets and panna cotta
Simple and delicious. A big pile of salmon, beets and panna cotta over a warm piece of bread, heaven.

Fried whitebait
My friend said these could replace fries, I agreed.

Pan roasted squid, spicy pork sausage, fingerling potatoes, and gentleman’s relish
Another winner, people should really eat more squid. So good.

Crispy Brussels sprouts
Had the sister version of this dish at Mary Queen of Scots last year and triggered my Brussels sprouts obsession.

Rabbit, pork and sage sausage, champ, cranberry chutney, pickled fennel and mustard gravy
Hmmmm tangy, rustic, comforting…champ! Love champ.

Roasted chicken breast, goat cheese butter, celeriac puree, celery hearts, tarragon and watercress vinaigrette
I had a bite of my friend’s chicken, woooooo really good. The meat was juicy and flavorful.

Pork chop, roasted-apple thyme butter, and hard cider sauce

Oh dude, I’m going to start eating anything with a dollop of butter now. The combo of pork and roasted-apple thyme butter, crazy good.

Whitehall burger with cheddar, pickled beets, caramelized onions, lettuce, over easy egg and fries
Beets in a burger? Sounds crazy but it works. Perfect medium rare.

Citrus tart, poppy seed meringue and almond pastry
The tanginess from the citrus tart plus the smoooooth meringue made a really really good bite.

Spiced carrot torte, rum-raisin sauce and toasted coconut sherbet

I’m usually not a fan of carrot cakes but I ate the whole slice of this. The spices, the sauce, the sherbet…delicious!

Whitehall 19 Greenwich Ave, West Village


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