When I first heard about UMAMIcatessen, I thought it would be similar to FoodParc where you can go to different stations for different foods. When I arrived, I was totally wrong. It was basically a regular old restaurant but just that they have few different sections that you can order food from (from a waiter). Located in downtown LA, UMAMIcatessen was tailored to the working crowd in the area.

If you’re not familiar with Umami, you will be soon as they are planning to open a restaurant here in NYC. They do pretty good burgers (a little small for me) and damn good tater tots.

On this trip I tagged along as my sister was there to shoot photos for her friend Joy of Oh Joy! You can check out the post here.

Check out what we ate after the jump..


Cone O’ Cracklins with sherry vinegar and sage and Pork Corn with juniper and rosemary. The cracklings were surprisingly airy and crispy while the popcorn was okay (well I’m not a huge fan of popcorn anyways).

P!GG Style Fries with pickled peppers, puree ham and brainaise.

Loads of cured ham. We sort of got the chef’s special. Oh my…so much cured ham that day. I like to eat like this everyday.



Everything on the donut menu! Yes we ordered every donut that was offered on the menu. My favorite..FAVORITE was the meyer lemon curd filled with yogurt glaze and topped with freeze-dried blueberries (top photo). The tres leches donut came in a close 2nd. UMAMIcatessen, like at Do or Dine, offered a foie gras donut but we weren’t too thrilled about the taste of it.

UMAMIcatessen, 852 S. Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles


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