Beer For Beasts 2012

This past weekend I attended the Beer For Beasts event at the Bell House here in Brooklyn. Beer For Beasts is a benefit event, proceeds going to the New York Humane Society. Even better, the event was sponsored by Sixpoint Brewery, and therefore there were dozens of specialty brews available to sample. Beers with whimsical names like Lady Boy Stout and Pinky In The Brain (a full list of the beers I sampled can be found at the end of this post). There were also several food trucks parked outside giving out food with which to soak up all of the alcohol.

Our friends from Big Gay Ice Cream were on hand, serving up samples of a delicious wort milkshake.

At Calexico I got a tiny, tasty taco, made with beans and corn.

The Morris Grilled Cheese truck was serving up three different sandwiches. The classic was good, but the papas bravas was excellent — potatoes, cheese, and a spicy sauce.

Mexicue was handing out BBQ bean tacos, topped with crispy strips of fried tortilla.

And from Dub Pies a miniature curried vegetable pie.

So before you get worried, each beer sample was pretty small. Not that I didn’t get drunk, but I was in no danger of alcohol poisoning. Here are the beers I tasted, with a small description of the few that were memorable:

Admiral Van Dyke
Curtibeer – An IPA I actually enjoyed.
Deter Tribute London Brown Ale
Dinkel Dirndl Dunkel
Double Dot
Fart-Free Beer – Cathy Erway & Robert Sietsema’s brew made with epazote.
Foundation Honey Porter
Funked Choco Cherry – Reminiscent of a lambic.
Green Paper Thaiger
Hotter ‘N Helles – Not nearly as spicy as a beer brewed with habaneros should have been.
Jesus Shuttlesworth – Slightly sweet from maple syrup.
Konichiwheat Wasabier!
Lady Boy Stout – Lots of coffee flavor, a little spice at the back of the throat.
Lapsang Brewchong – Made with Chinese tea.
Latino Breakfast Stout – Overwhelming coffee flavor.
Motown Philly Molasses Porter
Mr. Brownstone
OPP – With the floral pink peppercorn.
Pinky In The Brain
Ryezen – Nice and smoky without being overpowering.
Saison Francais / Belges
Silverback Warfare – Did I say the Latino Breakfast had overwhelming coffe flavor? Multiply that by ten.
Sour Gripes – As if someone had carbonated Manischewvitz.
Sweet Frite – Made with sweet potatoes, though I couldn’t tell from the flavor,
Thai White Beer – My favorite of the day, made with kaffir lime leaves and galangal.
Utterly Delicious – Lives up to its name, made with Mast Brothers cocoa husks.


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