Sea Bean Goods

Rabbit stew

This past Saturday was the return of Smorgasburg or the return of me seeing a bunch of my friends every Saturday. One of those friends is Sea Bean Goods. I met Nicole and Brian of Sea Bean Goods on the very 1st day of Smorgasburg last year…oh my how they have grown those cool kids. If you’re not familiar with them, they make small batches of soups in Greenpoint and they’re freakin delicious.

On opening day of Smorgasburg year 2, they had a rabbit stew and a carrot apple soup (perfect for Easter weekend). Obviously I got a cup of the rabbit stew and oh dude it was great! The perfect thing to have on a cool windy day.

If you want soup but too lazy to go to Smorgasburg or Paulie Gee’s, they deliver also! Few months ago they started their soup subscription service where you can get delicious soup delivered to you.

Check out my behind the scenes photos of Sea Bean Goods from last year on my photo project, Foodaissance.


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