Fried Egg And Flatbread

Fried egg and flatbread

So on a lovely Saturday afternoon with the food TED talks playing in the background on the Netflix, I made a bunch of flatbreads (I ended eating all of them). This was inspired by watching Jamie Oliver’s TED talk from 2 years ago.

Few months ago I saw a clip of Jamie Oliver and Levi Roots making jerk chicken. Jamie Oliver made a simple flatbread to go with the jerk chicken. It looked so easy that I actually thought about making it. Of course I didn’t actually make it till just few days ago. So here’s the thing, for my flatbreads I used regular old all purpose flour and instead of yogurt (in the recipe) I used buttermilk since that was what I had. And instead of jalapenos I sliced up some pickled serrano peppers. Okay, even though I TOTALLY didn’t use the same ingredients, it came out pretty darn good. Especially with a fried egg on top.


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