Market Watch: Stinging Nettles

Normally I would write about the first appearance of asparagus, but since I developed an allergy to it (I break out into hives when I eat asparagus) I can’t bear to feature it here. Instead I’ll write about something more unusual, but still a harbinger of spring: stinging nettles. I’ve written about them before, but I picked those up at the Union Square market. Finding them here in Brooklyn is a bonus for me. Just make sure you heed the signs — you can be pricked by the nettles if you handle them incorrectly. Be sure you blanch them in boiling water fora short time before consuming, otherwise they’ll sting the inside of your throat.


One thought on “Market Watch: Stinging Nettles

  1. Just found your blog while searching for reviews on Torrisi and wanted to say hello, sorry for your asparagus allergy (the horror!) and that I always thought stinging nettles had the most romantic name.


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