One Night On Roosevelt Ave

Roosevelt Ave

Here’s something I’ve been WANTING to do but never got the chance (more like me being lazy) and finally doing it (YES). You may not know this but I’m helping out Blondie and Brownie with their cookbook as a photographer along with Ultraclay. They’re writing about the New York City street food scene and one of the must-not-forget-and-missed food street is Roosevelt Ave in Queens. All along Roosevelt Ave, it runs directly underneath the 7 train, from the 111th St stop on the 7 train to the 74th St stop and beyond, you’ll find the most delicious food trucks/carts serving tortas, tacos, tamales, esquites, fried fish, pork with rice and beans and many things I’m not too familiar with. Even if there weren’t any trucks or carts, you’ll find so many good looking restaurants along that street that may make you think about moving there just to eat at all the restaurants.

So couple weeks ago Blondie, Ultraclay and I were joined by Jeff Orlick (actually I think we kidnapped him when he was having dinner with his family?) where he took us around and explored Roosevelt Ave in search of good food. Jeff is an expert of everything Roosevelt Ave and gives midnight food tours along the avenue. So yeah we were in pretty damn good hands. We walked from 111th St down to 74th St and ate..explored along the way.

Roosevelt Ave

We started our “tour” at Tortas Neza. These tortas are monsters! Just half of one can be a full meal. Blondie and i shared the Torta Chivas (eggs, sausage and cheese). You ain’t had a torta till you had this. Crazy good. Also the owner named all of his tortas after his football teams.

Roosevelt AveRoosevelt Ave

Roosevelt Ave

Roosevelt Ave

Roosevelt Ave

Roosevelt Ave
We stopped here at La Esquina del Sabor because Jeff bumped into a friend and we were treated to these giant crispy taco like delicious food.

Roosevelt Ave
For $2.50 I got this cup of esquites (corn, chili pepper, lime juice and mayo) from a random lady with a push cart that also sold tamales.

Roosevelt Ave

Then there she was. Our final destination. The Arepa Lady herself. I have heard much about her and I finally had the chance to try her arepas. Between the three of us, we shared two arepas. The fluffier one was topped with a smear of butter and cheese. The other one, also quite good but I preferred the fluffier one, was flattered and was folded in half with veggies inside. Arepa Lady! You have sold me, I will see you again soon.

Roosevelt Ave

Here check out this little video I put together from some footage I shot while on the walk. Also I need a better library of music to use.

If you want to know more about these vendors and Roosevelt Ave, be sure to check out Jeff’s tours. Go hang out and learn from someone that does it for the love of it.

Tortas Neza Roosevelt Ave and the 111th St stop on the 7 Train.

La Esquina del Sabor Roosevelt Ave and Warren St

Arepa Lady Corner of Roosevelt Ave and 79th St.


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