No Name Bar

No Name Bar

No Name Bar in Greenpoint is one of those rare bars that I just really liked after one visit. Happy hour drinks till 8pm, cool crowd, cool bartenders, backyard, locals only and most importantly the noodle bar downstairs. Last week I met up with Howard at Allswell for some happy hour food and then we were off to Manhattan Inn so that he could do a write up about their veggie options. Manhattan Inn is sort of across the street from No Name Bar so I thought “heck we should go!” After getting our beers and ordering our food, we proceeded downstairs to the noodle bar.

No Name Bar

Last time I was there, I had tried the cumin lamb noodles and the oxtail soupy noodles. Honestly both were okay. The noodles were a little tough. And this time around Howard and I shared a plate of sesame noodles and the noodles were a little tough too. But I did really appreciate the greens on top and also the unevenness of the super wide flat noodles (I LOVE wide flat noodles). We also shared a plate of seasonal greens, which I thought was quite delicious, and a bowl of hard boiled quail eggs. I was curious when I saw it on the menu so I had to get it. It came with a bowl of salt for dipping and I strongly suggest adding a squirt of sriracha.

No Name Bar

So even if the food was just alright, I would definitely go back. You’ll just have to take my word that once you sit down at the noodle bar, you will feel just right. It wasn’t just about the food but it was also about sitting at the bar, watching your dish being made, the atmosphere, the causalness of it all, the friendly chef and plus the super cool bar upstairs.

It’s never about finding the best for me. There’s no such thing as “the best.” It has always been and always will be finding places that I feel happy and comfortable at. No Name Bar makes me feel happy.

– No Name Bar, 597 Manhattan Ave Greenpoint


One thought on “No Name Bar

  1. Noodles are an almost universally loved dish; virtually every culture has its own take on the tangle of satisfyingly, slippery ribbons. But, despite the emergence of a few good-quality noodle joints over the years, when they’re bought on the hop, at a noodle bar or as a takeaway, they’re usually pretty close to being classed as junk food, especially the fried kind. If you make them at home, however, you can up the veggie quota, use less oil and basically make something far more nutritious – and, nine times out of 10, more delicious. Brilliant for a speedy lunch or dinner, for one or a crowd.


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