Papri Chaat At Masalawala

I’d been craving Indian food for a while, so when my friend Jess asked if I wanted to meet for lunch on Memorial Day I suggested Indian food. To find a place I consulted my other friend Jess (and her husband Garrett) in the form of their blog, and picked Masalawala, which specializes in upscale versions of Indian street food. One of my favorite items that I only discovered in the last few years is chaat, a refreshing salad that usually has an intriguing blend of temperatures, flavors, and textures. The papri chaat was pleasing on all fronts; a mix of potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, crispy “wafers”, yogurt, and chutney, I couldn’t stop eating it. I wasn’t as taken with my entree, sabzi milan, which promised “seasonal vegetables” in North Indian spices but delivered a mediocre experience. Best stick with their versions of street food, I think.

Masalawala — 179 Essex Street, NYC


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