Brooklyn Crab, My 2 Cents

Brooklyn Crab

There seems to be more hate (Yelp, Eater) for the newly opened Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook than love. While I think the idea is great, I’m quite sad that it is in Red Hook. I see Red Hook as the ball field food vendors, the more intimate restaurants like Kevin’s and the elusive Philly Pinoy. To many, Red Hook is like going on a trip but for me it’s just a quick 30min walk. Okay, I actually don’t mind Ikea being there (sorry..trips to the Port Authority and then taking the Ikea shuttle is not quite fun).

After couple weeks of being opened and many have shared their thoughts, 9 of us decided to take our chances at the Brooklyn Crab.

Here’s my 2 cents on Brooklyn Crab. Not worth it.

Here’s my 5 cents on Brooklyn Crab. While the view was great, the food was pretty crappy. For $29, my grilled lobster could’ve used more grilling time and seasoning. They were out of fried chicken. They were out of the cool platter (1/2 lb snow crab Legs, 1/2 lb spicy peel & eat Gulf shrimp, 4 oysters). My friends did enjoy the fish and chips while the fried oysters and clam were just alright. The frozen pina colada came in a giant pink 2 foot tall plastic cup that tasted overly sweet and was better suited for places like TGIF.

Many had complained about the lack of service. Our server, while did her job just fine, had the annoyed and super busy face on at all times. She did come over to our table few times to check on things.

Here are few key things. The bar opens at noon and they start taking names for tables at 2pm even though their site says 4pm. I’m guessing you can’t get a dining table till 4pm but if you REALLY want a table, you can go at 2pm to put your name down. A friend arrived at 3:50p (Sunday) and was told the wait will be 2hrs 1hr 20mins. Surprisingly, they were spot on with the wait time and we were 9 people so we had to wait for 2 tables. Since we had to wait for 2 tables for 9/10 people our wait was close to 2hrs. But in the mean time, we were downstairs on the ground floor which was less packed and we did order a dozen oysters and some drinks. The ground floor area was super chilled and the service was nice. They are way better with their oysters than cooked foods. The oysters tasted fresh and delicious. I think if I ever go back, I probably just stick with getting oysters and beers and totally ignore the shit show upstairs.

On the way back, in the free shuttle to Carroll Gardens, we were sharing our stories with other diners. They told us they had ordered the crab legs but for some reason, they came still frozen. Hm…. Also the miniature golf wasn’t even opened yet.

While I do like to see businesses thrive, I wouldn’t mind seeing this place die. Mean to say? Probably but please give me a place with heart and soul and not overpriced haphazardly cooked foods.

Brooklyn Crab 24 Reed St (across from Fairway)


2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Crab, My 2 Cents

  1. technically they said it’d be a 1hour & 20min wait, which ended up being 2 hours. they were also out of the pork chops when the server came back to tell us that they were out of the fried chicken and cool platter dishes we’d ordered.


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