Crif Dogs

Crif Dog

I don’t eat enough hot dogs. Seriously, why are hot dogs only popular during the grilling season? It’s making me hungry for a hot dog RIGHT NOW. It is great as is plain but of course there are so much stuff you can put on it to make it even better (grilled onions, chili, mayo, nori flakes, cheese).

The other day I stopped by Crif Dogs in the East Village to grab a late lunch. I have tried few of their dogs but I usually just stick with the Good Morning which is bacon wrapped dog with cheese and a fried egg. It’s a simple combination but a wonderful one. The bacon was cooked till crispy (for easy biting) and was salty bacony good. Also they have tater tots! And if you like…you can add cheese to the tots! Though this time around I tried their fries (their fries equal waffle fries, a PLUS) with cheese. I got a large and it was plenty of fries, enough for two or more people.

This place is tiny and gets pack most of the time so prepare to wait for your dogs. But while you wait, you can play a game or two of Double Dragon (arcade form).

Crif Dogs 113 St. Marks Pl East Village
555 Driggs Ave Williamsburg


3 thoughts on “Crif Dogs

  1. Holy wow. I want to go to there. But since I can’t get to Manhattan, perhaps I’ll make my own Good Morning at home. Ay mama. Thanks for the inspiration!


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