LA Street Food Fest 2012

LA Street Food Fest
Editor’s note: Our LA contributors (Sandy Lee and Susana Fung) got an early taste of what to expect at this year’s LA Street Food Fest, happening tomorrow at the Rose Bowl. Photo by Susana Fung

The LA Street Food Fest is back for the 3rd year this Saturday, July 21. And it looks to be better than ever. Over 100 food trucks and restaurants will be on hand, from the “gourmet” variety to the local loncheros to special guests all the way from Baja. Their offerings are ranging from ice-cream served alongside chicken and waffles to cola-glazed Berkshire pork to poutine and moqueca (Brazilian fish stew). Booths from well regarded restaurants such as Picca, Spice Table, Sotto and Short Order will be on hand as well.

Taking place at the Rose Bowl, a limited amount of tickets will be sold, which should stave off the crush of the hungry crowds that have overwhelmed other such events. Ticket price is $45 for regular admission. It is all-inclusive, thus the food and the samplings of cocktails, tequilas, and beer are all incorporated into the cost. A VIP option is also available for $65.

Of course the goal for a food event that brings together such diverse eats into one centralized locale would be to try everything on hand. But if it’s not physically possible to eat everything in sight, dishes not to be missed include:

Hansik Truck/Moo Dae Po II: LA Galbi
Flavorful, smoky Korean grilled meat perfect for the outdoor locale

The Grilled Cheese Truck: Cheesy Mac & Rib
Rich and cheesey goodness

Lazy Ox Canteen: Paella
Chef Perfecto Rocher is a third-generation paella maker from Spain that has spent time working under Chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli

Kings Row Gastropub: Curried Al Pastor Port Belly with Fresh Naan
Tender meat atop naan accompanied by a curry sauce with avocado, red onions, and pineapple

Antojitos Carmen
Get the chicharron taco with meat if available. Crispy pork skin. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

HAUS: Spicy Chicken Dukboki
Juicy chicken with a hint of sweetness grilled to just the right temperature.


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