Month: September 2012

Market Watch: Ghost Peppers

There were lots of interesting things at the Windsor Terrace Greenmarket this morning, like cardoons and field peas. But the honor of Market Watch had to go to these ghost peppers (aka dorset naga). To give you an idea of how hot these chiles are, lets talk about the Scoville scale (which measures the heat of chiles). Bell peppers are at zero, jalapenos are around 5,000. Habaneros, often called the hottest peppers around, are about 200,000. Ghost peppers rate over one million on the Scoville scale. So if you get them, be very careful not to touch anything sensitive after handling them.

Viva La Comida! A Music And Food Festival

Viva La Comida!

Last Friday was the first ever Viva La Comida! A street festival held at the Dunningham Triangle by the 82nd Street Partnership. Just by looking at the amount of people that attended and the long ass lines for each food vendors (heard the Arepa Lady had a 50min long line), people really craved for a street fest in that part of town. Heck, it brought many of us Brooklyn people out to Queens. Congrats again to the 82nd Street Partnership and Jeff Orlick (for curating the list of food vendors). Can’t wait till the next one!

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Market Watch: Baby Brussels Sprouts

Yesterday was the first official day of autumn, and a chilly breeze was blowing through the Windsor Terrace Greenmarket this morning. But who says Spring has the monopoly on baby vegetables? These beautiful, tiny little Brussels sprouts were harvested as early as possible, and they will obviously cook up in no time at all. I’m planning to toss them into a curry for little cabbage-y bursts of flavor.

Vegetarian At Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles

After attending the Dirt Candy book release party our friend Melissa joined us for dinner at Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles in Chinatown. (As I mentioned, we didn’t get much to eat at the party.) On the way over we kept going back and forth between going there or to Great New York Noodletown, and by the time we arrived at the restaurant I was really craving some noodles. I was glad to see that they offered a vegetarian broth along with their tofu noodle soup, which came with the tofu on the side. I didn’t learn until afterwards that you can order your hand-pulled noodles in different thicknesses, but the default ones were awfully good — silky smooth with just a hint of chewiness. The broth was a bit mild, but some chile oil and cilantro brightened it right up. I’d love to go back for some of the pan-friend noodles, and I’ll definitely go for some thicker ones next time.

Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles — 1 Doyers St., NYC

Viva La Comida! Take A Trip To Queens This Friday

Roosevelt Ave

Want to experience the greatest torta ever? Well then, go to Queens this Friday between 4p and 9p at the Dunningham Triangle (that’s 82nd Street and Baxter Ave.)

There’s so much cool things to do and to eat in Queens, I’m quite sad that I don’t get out there as often as I want. But this Friday is Viva La Comida!, a festival created by the 82nd Street Partnership. Recently the partnership renovated the Dunningham Triangle and to celebrate they created this festival. There will be tons of stuff to see and do. My friend, Jeff Orlick a Queens street food expert, was asked to come up with a list of food vendors for the festival. Besides Tortas Neza, there will also be The Arepa Lady (she makes INCREDIBLE arepas and she will be the first vendor I’m going to hit up), Patacon Pisao, The Chipper Truck, Morocho, Tacos la Familia, El Coyote Dormilon and many more!

How to get there? Take the subway (E, F, M, or R) to Jackson Heights or the 7 to 82nd St.

For more info about this Friday’s Viva La Comida!, check out the Facebook page and for more info about the 82nd Street Partnership, check out their site.

Vegetarian At Veselka

Back in July I had lunch with my good friend Peaches, who has been very sick for a very long time; we hadn’t seen each other in a while. We wanted to meet somewhere between the two of us — she coming from Harlem, me coming from Brooklyn. For some reason the first place that popped into my head was Veselka, the 24-hour Ukrainian diner in the East Village. If you haven’t heard of Veselka, it’s a serious NYC institution but one that I never really got familiar with. I had a mediocre meal of their famous buckwheat pancakes way back when I first moved to NYC, but that was the last of it. We met there and waited about 10 minutes to be seated — there’s no list, the servers just kind of keep an eye on who has come in and who will be seated next.

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