The Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie From Levain

Now that I work on the Upper West Side, I have to seek out all new places to eat. The one place I knew beforehand that I wanted to try was Levain bakery, for the much-celebrated chocolate chip walnut cookie. I had a little bit of sticker shock when I got there, just after 8am. $4 for a chocolate chip cookie? I was handed a still-warm cookie that weighed roughly half a pound, and got a napkin ready. The cookie was the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eaten, and it’s got something for everyone. Like crispy cookies? The outside of the cookie is crunchy and delicious. Like gooey cookies? The interior is gooey and melty. Seriously, I bought another cookie from another bakery about five days later. It was good, but the whole time I was wishing I was eating Levain’s cookie. It has ruined me for all other chocolate chip cookies.

Levain, UWS — 167 West 74th St., NYC


6 thoughts on “The Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie From Levain

  1. Haha, my first reaction when I saw the picture was “Woah! Did they get smaller?” I remember my first Levain cookie had a pretty big tummy. That’s where all the semi-raw cookie dough hid.


    1. @Melissa – i didn’t mention that they are at least 3 inches tall in the middle. a “big tummy” is a good way to describe it.

      @Jess + Garrett – just had one of those. it was good, but not like that first gooey cookie i had. maybe because it wasn’t warm.


  2. So you don’t work in Brooklyn anymore? How do you like the UWS? If I may make some recommendation, check out Ayurveda Cafe (Indian), Ozu or Mana (macro/vegetarian), Peacefood Cafe (vegan), Land Thai (Thai, of course, hee), Recipe (American), Celeste (Italian), Soutine Bakery…and much more, of course. 🙂


    1. @Tt – “breakfast of champions” is exactly how i described it to myself!

      @kim – had a mediocre meal at land thai, a disappointing meal at peacefood. recipe looks good but expensive. i’ll have to check out the rest of your recs. had a good lunch special at saravanaa bhavan, and a pretty good meal at grand sichuan.


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