Vegan Lobster Rolls

So I was in Union Market the other day and saw some lobster mushrooms for sale. These odd looking fungi are mottled orange and very firm, and smell strongly of seafood. I picked some up, as I am wont to do with items I’ve never used before. I sent out a call for help on twitter, asking what i should do with the mushrooms, but did not receive a single reply. It’s okay though, I decided I would try to make lobster rolls with them, and realized it would be fairly easy to make them vegan. So here’s what I did.

I sliced the mushrooms into thin strips, and browned them in some olive oil with some salt. As they were browning I mixed some Vegenaise (a vegan mayo alternative) with some fresh lemon juice and some chopped scallion greens. I removed the browned mushrooms directly into the “mayo” and mixed thoroughly.

Lobster rolls are traditionally served on split-top hot dog buns, but those usually contain dairy. Instead I bought a loaf of simple yeast bread and created my own split-top roll. I loaded the mushrooms into the split and garnished with some more chopped scallions.

The aroma of the lobster mushrooms made me fear that they would have a strong seafood flavor, but they actually had a great, earthy mushrooms flavor. I also made a vegetarian version, in which I browned the mushrooms in butter, but I actually preferred the vegan version.


7 thoughts on “Vegan Lobster Rolls

  1. I would have never thought to do this – what a clever idea! Eataly has had lobster mushrooms most of the times I’ve been there recently.

    Since giving up dairy, I’ve come to believe that there is nothing that’s not improved by Veganaise (well, at least when it comes to savory foods). I’m obsessed with it; had I made these “lobster” rolls, they’d be dressed much more heavily!


    1. @Jerry – remember when we took that trip to cape cod? i had lobster that one time. to be honest i don’t really remember what it tasted like. i do remember that i thought it was too much work for too little meat. i also remember it freaked out leslie b/c it looked like the lobster was staring at her.


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