No Name Bar Now Serving Thai Food

No Name Bar, Thai food

Last time I went to No Name Bar in Greenpoint for dinner, I was still enjoying the chili sesame noodles made by Lindsay Salminen. Though just a short two months later I found out she was no longer there and that the kitchen in the downstairs area is now serving Thai food. Obviously I was sad about this. Where am I suppose to have my chili sesame noodles now?

I wasn’t planning on checking out the new Thai spot till later but out of town friends wanted something light after a week of “too much meat” and so I suggested we try it out.

No Name Bar, Thai food

The deal is still the same. Order your food from the bartender, bring your ticket to the kitchen and wait. The people that took over the kitchen also have a restaurant, Am Thai Bistro, out near Kensington/Prospect Park South area and they brought a more dynamic menu to No Name Bar. Along with two appetizers, there were also a mix of rice dishes, stir fry noodles and soupy noodles all under $10.

Unsurprisingly, I got the chicken dumpling with peanut sauce. The plump dumplings were tasty and satisfying. The lady behind the counter asked if I wanted my GraPow Moo (ground pork with long beans, chili and basil served with a fried egg) more spicy. Not knowing that the dish had chili, I said yes of course. Served with a scoop of rice, this was really good. Mixed in with the runny yolk, this was a perfect drunk food dish. And after few bites, I was sweating way too much. Probably good for sweating out the alcohol?

While I’m pretty sad that Lindsay isn’t making noodles at No Name Bar (a big reason why I trek out to Greenpoint), I quite enjoyed my Thai food meal. No Name Bar is a great bar. The bartenders are nice and the whole time my friends and I were there, they were blasting loads of Motley Crue songs (a plus). But I don’t know if I will make frequent trips for Thai food (especially if they have a restaurant). The food WAS good but not special enough for me to get my butt there.

– No Name Bar 597 Manhattan Ave Greenpoint
Am Thai Bistro 1003 Church Ave Prospect Park South


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