Eat to Blog on “Kitchen Nightmares”

Over the summer our very own Donny was invited to attend a taping of “Kitchen Nightmares” that was being filmed at Mama Maria’s here in Brooklyn. He, along with Eat to Blog BFFs Mo & Steph, was lucky enough to attend a dinner AFTER the restaurant had been cleaned up. The episode aired just a few weeks ago. In the clip from Hulu above you can hear Chef Ramsay himself refer to Eat to Blog, and if you watch the entire episode you can catch a few glimpses of Donny himself. In case you’re wondering, yes, they had to pay for their meals, and Donny referred to the re-vamped food as “okay.”


One thought on “Eat to Blog on “Kitchen Nightmares”

  1. I remember this episode. I am happy Donny got to eat there AFTER the clean up, lol. One of my employees from DISH ate there before the revamp and had a terrible stomach ache. Ramsay can only do so much and OK seems like a huge improvement to me. I think I might even watch the episode a second time. Since my DISH Hopper auto-records the Big 4 networks during prime time with the Prime Time Anytime Feature I have been watching a lot of shows I have never seen due to my schedule and Kitchen Nightmares is my absolute favorite.


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