2013 Wish List


Annnnnnnd we’re off with 2013! How is everyone feeling? Good, I hope. While most people are talking about their 2013 resolutions (I gave up on resolutions long time ago), I’m going to talk about my food wish list for this year.

My food wish list doesn’t just include foods I want to try or restaurants I should finally go eat at. Nope. My list is sort of all over the place.

Check out my list after the jump!

In no particular order:
1) Try more new restaurants. As much as I love going to my go-tos, I should really try more new restaurants. Especially living on 5th Ave in Park Slope.

2) I said this way too much but more trips to Queens.

3) Eat more vegetables! I know..I know.

4) Learn how to properly cook a good steak without having to think, is this too rare still?

5) Eat more brunches.

6) Don’t judge a restaurant by it’s cover.

7) It’s finally the year to learn how to make proper polenta and grits.

8) Perfect my tiramisu recipe.

9) Eat more healthily and really try to not over eat.

10) Make good gravy.

11) Find more good fried chickens.

12) Make a trip out to Seattle to finally eat at Delancey and eat at The Walrus and the Carpenter again.

13) Hot damn! Get my ass to Portland, Oregon for some street foods.

I think that’s a good list. Do you have a food wish list for 2013? Share in the comment section!


4 thoughts on “2013 Wish List

  1. I can get behind #11. Except that it’s so far down the list. Shouldn’t it be, like, #2?

    That photo is ridiculous. I am making hamburgers tonight. No question about it.

    BEWARE: This blog is dangerous! Especially for pregnant women who are easily influenced by good-lookin’ food.


  2. grits…. I was born and raised in los angeles…. husband joined the army. I tasted grits for the first time at a waffle house at 27 years old. automatically fell in love. some tips….

    use real butter (no earth balance stuff)
    use bacon grease if preferred.
    add milk to the boiling water (that’s the secret, so I am told)


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