Finocchio Flower Power pizza

While everyone was away during the holidays, me, Howard and our friend Corrine took a trip to Krescendo, the newly opened restaurant by Elizabeth Falkner. With getting 1st prize in the 2012 World Pizza Championships in Naples, Italy we definitely had a higher than normal expectation for the pizzas. While I enjoyed my meal, Howard wasn’t too thrilled (he had the margherita).


When we went, the service was spotty but the restaurant had only been open for a little while so it wasn’t such a big deal to us. The room had a nice cozy feeling yet enough room to stretch out.

Howard wasn’t much of a fan of the margherita pie. He said the sauce was a bit bland and so was the crust. The funny thing, both Corrine and I liked our pizzas and both were white pies. Maybe if I had gotten a pie with tomato sauce, that might make a difference. Honestly, most of the time I eat my pizzas so fast, I never notice if the crust was bland or not.

I ordered the prize winner pie, Finocchio Flower Power (panna, braised fennel, fennel sausage, fennel fronds, shaved provolone, calabrese, chili powder, fiori di finocchio and olive oil) and totally loved it. My jaw didn’t get tired of chewing like with so many other pizzas and I love the combination of fennel and sausages. It was just a really good pizza.

Corrine got the Bianca (mozzarella, ricotta, parmigiano, gorgonzola, garlic, fried sage and kale) and also enjoyed it. Though I did prefer my pizza over the Bianca.

I’m sure we’ll be back for another round, especially to try the pasta dishes.

Krescendo 364 Atlantic Ave Boerum Hill Brooklyn


4 thoughts on “Krescendo

  1. I don’t understand why she decided to open a pizzeria that’s only mediocre at best. I understand that she’s trying to challenging her culinary repertoire (since she has a successful pastry chef) like what Stupak is doing, but opening a pizza place in NY is asking for punishment in a sense. Also, I can’t stand names and titles that changes the letter despite the same phonetic, ex: Social Eatz.


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