City Grit: Brunch Village

City Grit: Brunch Village

Last night a bunch of us attended City Grit: Brunch Village dinner. Yes! Brunch food for dinner, my kind of dinner. It was Sarah’s homage to the show Portlandia. I’ve only seen the pilot but judging from the awesome tasty food Sarah cooked up last night, I may have to at least watch the episode “Brunch Village”.

The dinner started off with Collin’s chicken and waffle. Hello bite sized goodness. I ate 4 and totally forgot to snap a photo. Next up (picture above) was “Craig’s crazy guac tacos” with pulled brisket, guac, queso, and scrambled eggs.

Potatoes tornados with spicy mayo, ham, cheese, and scallions. Everything you love in one plate, hello!
City Grit: Brunch Village

Marionberry pancakes. The berries tasted like delicious grapes.
City Grit: Brunch Village

The “Triple Play Platter” with baked eggs, cheese grit soufflé, and greens. A friend said he usually doesn’t like grits but the cheese grit souffle, he liked.
City Grit: Brunch Village

“Cup of Joe, Side of Dough” which was coffee mousse with biscuit donuts.
City Grit: Brunch Village

Seriously, if you have never been to a City Grit dinner, you should. You will not be disappointed and bring friends.

I’m hoping if I tell Sarah enough times that I think her fried chicken is ranked pretty up top on my best fried chicken list, maybe….just maybe she’ll open a fried chicken joint?

City Grit 38 Prince St, SoHo NYC


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