Almost Vegan at Cocoron

On a cold winter day a few months ago I met up with my friends Jeff & Eva for a warming bowl of soba at Cocoron. I’d heard a lot about Cocoron but never been there; they first opened a tiny space on Delancey, but recently opened a (slightly) bigger space on Kenmare. The didning room was still pretty small, and every other diner in the place seemed to be shouting at each other. Never mind the dining room, let’s talk about the soba. There’s been a lot of talk about the buckwheat noodles from Cocoron, and they didn’t disappoint. They are slightly slippery, chewy, and actually fun to eat. There is a whole vegetarian section of the menu, and in fact they use a vegan broth if you order one of the vegetarian dishes. I had to ruin it by adding a soft poached egg, which added some nice richness to the soup. Next time I’d like to get one of the Dip sobas, where they bring you piping hot broth and you dip the noodles in as you want to eat them. I’ve also heard that during the summer, the cold soba makes an incredibly refreshing meal. But there’s no wrong way to get the soba at Cocoron, so make the trip when you get the chance.

Cocoron — 37 Kenmare St, NYC


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