Market Watch Union Square: Minutina

Minutina may sound like the name of a long lost Pokemon (or is that just me?), but it’s a long-leafed green I spotted at Bodhi Tree Farm’s stand at yesterday’s Union Square Greenmarket. The sign said it was good for salads or light cooking, so first I tasted a strand of it raw. It tasted a lot like lettuce. I decided to blanch it in salted water — I brought the water to a boil, tore off the stem end of the minutina, dropped the leaves into the water, and when it came back up to a boil I turned off the heat and drained the leaves out of the water. Cooked the leaves took on the texture of scallion greens, without the onion-y bite of scallions. Good as a novelty, sure, but I don’t think I’ll be adding minutina to my regular rotation of veggies any time soon.


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